Business 2023, a year of record revenue

The Top Business Montenegro (TBM) Initiative is the most credible promoter of the Montenegrin economy as it highlights excellence in business, professionalism, and responsibility in financial reporting, thus demonstrating a responsible approach and care for the community. This was announced at a press conference promoting the second edition of this significant business initiative.

The significance of TBM has once again been recognized by the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, as well as by Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka (CKB), which is the general sponsor of the Initiative for the second consecutive year, along with Mtel as the exclusive partner. Ratko Nikolić, TBM’s chief analyst and founder of BI Consulting, anticipates that the business year 2023 will be the best year ever for many Montenegrin companies.

“We believe we will be able to declare the entire year as one of the best business years in terms of revenue generated. Based on the information gathered so far, it can be confirmed that records have been set both in the number of submitted financial reports and the number of actively operating business entities. Whether this revenue growth is a result of real business expansion and development, or influenced by inflation and other short-term factors, will be analyzed and published in the special edition of Top Business Montenegro 2024 magazine, scheduled for release at the end of May,” said Nikolić.

Nina Drakić, President of the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, stated that the top entrepreneurs identified through the Top Business Montenegro project have been inspiring all those who envision their future among the successful players in the Montenegrin economy for several years now.

“The Chamber of Economy of Montenegro carefully follows every impulse not only from the awarded individuals but from all those who strive for a society of steadfast, successful, and the best. In addition to this project, this year we are continuing even more vigorously with the campaign ‘Strength is in all of us’ and ‘Buy ours – for our development’. Our message is: The Chamber of Economy with all of you – for new strength and new developmental strides,” Drakić stated.

Nikola Perišić, a member of the Management Board of CKB responsible for business with legal entities, mentioned that CKB has been the general sponsor of the TBM initiative for the second consecutive year, emphasizing that this partnership represents an additional way of supporting the best, encouraging them to continue developing based on transparent and fair working principles.

“CKB has rightfully earned a leading position in economic development and the implementation of major projects. We believe that this carries the responsibility to utilize this position in the best possible way and contribute to strengthening the economic stability of our country. That’s precisely what we did in 2023, a year in which we recorded one of the best business results since the bank’s establishment. We supported the development of the Montenegrin economy by disbursing 140 million euros in loans, and through our bank, legal entities conducted payment transactions totaling over nine billion euros,” Perišić concluded.

Balša Aćimić, Director of the Marketing, Sales, and Customer Care Sector at Mtel, stated that the continuation of cooperation not only reaffirms Mtel’s dedication to supporting successful Montenegrin companies but also underscores the importance of further stimulating the economic development of our country.

“We are proud of Mtel’s leading position in the telecommunications industry, and we hope to continue that success in the coming years. I would like to emphasize the intensive activities we are continuing this year in the implementation of the 5G network, which, as it is known, represents not only a revolution in telecommunications but also the foundation for the development of new innovations and business models,” emphasized Aćimić.

He placed special emphasis on the support that the company provides to socially responsible projects.

“We believe in the importance of active participation in the community and contributing to its development. Through various initiatives and projects, we are dedicated to improving the quality of life for our citizens and preserving the environment,” Aćimić concluded.

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