TOP Business Montenegro analyses all business organisations registered in Montenegro (LP, GP, LLC and JSC), except those operating in the field of finance, and selects those that meet the following criteria:
  • Businesses operating for at least three years, except for the list of newly established businesses;
  • Businesses that have at least 3 employees (except in reviews by industries);
  • Businesses that have at least EUR 100,000 EUR of capital, except:
       -for micro companies at least EUR 50.000,
       - in reviews by activities: EUR 10.000
  • •Businesses that have submitted correct financial statement for the previous year;
  • •Businesses that got BIC A or B score for the previous year;
  • Businesses that operate with profit, and any loss in the previous does not exceed 5% of its capital;
  • Businesses that have not been on the list of blocked companies in the past 12 months, with a suspension longer than 1 day;
  • •Businesses that have not been on the Montenegrin Tax and Customs Administration's "black lists" in the past 12 months or that comply fully with the agreed tax debt rescheduling;
  • Businesses delivering their business results continuously, in accordance with the business logic of the activity they perform, without the influence of one-time, non-standard business transactions;
  • Agencies registered for recruiting employees are excluded from the list of the largest employers;
  • Businesses are not registered for the following operations:
       -2540 - Production of weapons and ammunition
       -9200 - Gambling and betting, and not indirectly connected entities from this sector.
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