Behind the numbers are people who should not be forgotten

Kada razvijate inovativnu ideju, što je samo po sebi izazov, fokusirani ste na kompaniju, njen razvoj, njeno pozicioniranje u užem i širem okruženju i u djelatnosti kojom se bavite The mission of the Top Business Montenegro initiative is to support those who invest in knowledge, innovation and sustainable development, as economic progress and a better future are based on investments in knowledge and education. This message was conveyed at the ceremony where awards were presented to the most successful Montenegrin companies of 2023, ranked within the TBM 2024 Initiative.

The director of the TBM initiative, Ljiljana Burzan-Nikolić, highlighted in her address to the attendees that universities and scientific institutions are the “heart” of every successful society, as they create the foundations on which the future is built.

“We proudly emphasize our collaboration with the University of Montenegro and our support for the Scientific Research Incentive Program. We believe that investing in knowledge and education is an investment in a better future for all of us,” said Burzan-Nikolić. She particularly thanked the general sponsor of the initiative, the Montenegrin Commercial Bank, highlighting the CKB slogan – “We are here.” “This message perfectly reflects our common goal – to be there for our business communities and society as a whole. Tonight we celebrate not only business success but also commitment to social responsibility. In a time when economic growth is often measured in numbers, it is important not to forget the people behind those numbers. Our mission is to support those who invest in knowledge, innovation, and sustainable development. This year, we have particularly directed our support towards the scientific community, as we believe that research and innovation are crucial for long-term economic progress,” Burzan-Nikolić conveyed.

Nikola Perišić, a member of the CKB Management Board responsible for the corporate sector, stated that the significant presence of the business community at the Top Business Montenegro Awards 2024 is “not only a confirmation of achieved business successes but also a confirmation that the attendees are fully committed to the growth and development of the Montenegrin economy and society.”

“As the leading financial institution in our country, CKB recognizes the importance of supporting local enterprises and companies. We believe that successful ones go with successful ones, and that’s why we are here to be a reliable partner on your path to even greater achievements,” he said.

Novica Vuković, the Minister of Finance, mentioned that he spent part of his career in the private sector and that now, from his current position, he can better understand the issues presented by the business community since he took office.

“We are here on all topics and at every moment – to fully understand everything and find a common solution,” he conveyed.

Minister Vuković presented awards to the following companies: Voli from Podgorica as the largest employer, the Montenegrin Electric Power Company for achieved business revenues in the large enterprises category, Plus from Podgorica in the medium-sized enterprises category, Flystar Support from Podgorica in the small enterprises category, and Biblio Globus from Budva in the micro-enterprises category. Awards to the most successful Montenegrin companies were also presented by Mitar Bajčeta, Secretary-General of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, Nikola Perišić, member of the CKB Management Board, Ivan Karadžić, Executive Director of Idea-CG, and Ratko Nikolić, founder of BI Consulting, a business information provider and analytical partner of the TBM initiative.

In the Trade sector, the top-ranked company was Voli Trade Podgorica; in Hospitality – Portonovi Hospitality Management Company; in Restaurants and Cafes – Panevivo Podgorica; in Real Estate Management – Azmont Investments Herceg Novi; in Real Estate Agencies – CMM Budva; in Auditing and Accounting – Ernst & Young Montenegro; in Construction – BEMAX Podgorica; in Food and Beverage – Meso-Promet Bijelo Polje; in Other Production and Processing – Gradir Montenegro Pljevlja; in Telecommunications – MTEL Podgorica; in IT Equipment Trade – Comtrade Distribution Podgorica; in IT Services – Epam Systems Montenegro; in Oil and Derivatives – Jugopetrol Podgorica; in Pharmacy – Glosarij Podgorica; and in Medical Services – Polyclinic Hippocrates. The award for a newly established company went to Noblewood Adriatic from Nikšić.

A surprise guest at the ceremony was entrepreneur and consultant Vladimir Pajović, who gave a motivational speech titled “We Want More.”

The attendees were also addressed by Assistant Professor Dr. Milena Lipovina-Božović from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Montenegro, who presented the Scientific Research Incentive Program and the Alumni Association. The ceremony was attended by ten students from the Faculty of Economics of Montenegro.

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