TBM Awards 23

For a beginning to be great, it must have a caring heart

Podgorica, June 6, 2023 Every beginning is great and significant, and in order to obtain the same result, it has to be green – it was proclaimed at the Award ceremony organised for the most successful Montenegrin companies ranked in 2022 as part of the initiative TOP BUSINESS MONTENEGRO 2023 (TBM). During the ceremony, a donation was presented to the Podgorica Institute for Children’s Diseases from the TBM initiative and Crnogoska komercijalna banka (CKB), worth six thousand EUR.

While welcoming the guests, Director of the TBM initiative Ljiljana Burzan Nikolić expressed her conviction that every beginning is both great and significant, although it may seem to us that some of them are less, and some other more important. She stated particular appreciation for those beginnings that “have sprouted from a foundation drenched in genuine zeal, thrust by the mature force of creation, from the bare necessity to create a new value.”

“That’s why, when reaching the top, the view extends far away and you can see not only the path we’ve overcome, but also the paths we haven’t crossed yet, new horizons and new peaks.” When we observe from above, we perceive differently both the travelled path and the path ahead of us. Responsibility takes on a new dimension,” said Burzan Nikolić.

At that point, she explained, we begin to truly understand that we are never the only ones in focus – it is important to include those with whom we create, for whom we create, with whom we share office spaces, sports halls, parks and hospitals.

“Let them inherit the responsibility of perceiving the mistakes made by their ancestors in relation to our only home, our planet, but also the daily, planned and controlled efforts to improve the situation.” For a beginning to be great, it must have a caring heart. For the result to be great and significant, it has to be green. Just like the peak,” she said, congratulating the World Environment Day.

Tamás Kamarási, President of the Board of Directors of CKB, which is also the sponsor of TBM, brought to mind the slogan of the Top Business Montenegro initiative, that reads: “Inspired by success”.

“We decided to support this project because inspiration is an important part of our professional life. We are inspired every day by our clients, our partners, and our competitors. They invigorate us with their vision, ideas and achieved results. Guided by their example, we have an additional motif to improve our services and to reach our full potentials as a team,” he said.

Kamarási stated that nowadays, perhaps more than ever before, we need inspiration and a real partnership.

“Partnership means the cooperation of the business community, decision-makers and everyone who has one common goal in front of them – the progress and development of the Montenegrin economy and society.” For this reason, I wish to remind you that we should cooperate even more intensely, communicate and listen to each other. Only in this way, we will create mechanisms and models that will provide everyone with the opportunity to grow and advance in a fair environment,” he stated.

Director of the Institute for Children’s Diseases, Velibor Majić, thanked for the donation and stated that it will be used for the purchase of infusion syringe pumps and infusion pumps.

“Two pumps will be intended for the children’s ward for toddlers, and two for the endocrinology unit at the Institute for Children’s Diseases, that is, for children with diabetes. The pumps are necessary for effective, adequate and safe treatment of our youngest patients. Thank you for thinking about the future of our children and for channelling your success in an exceptional and, in my opinion, proper way,” he said.

During the ceremony organised at Imanje Knjaz in Podgorica, awards were given to the most successful Montenegrin companies, which were presented by Ratko Nikolić, Founder of BI Consulting, a business information provider and analytical partner of the TBM initiative, Goran Đurović, Minister of Economic Development and Tourism, Aleksandar Damjanović, Minister of Finance, Nina Drakić, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro and Nikola Perišić, Member of the Board of Directors of CKB, responsible for Corporate Business Division.

In the category of large companies, Elektroprivreda Crne Gore won the recognition for operating income, Plus d. o. o Podgoricawon among medium-sized companies, Euro Petrol CG Podgorica among small-sized companies, while Datika Podgorica in the category of micro-sized companies.

The first-ranked company in Trade is Voli Trade Podgorica, and in Hotel Management – Hotels Group Montenegro Stars Budva, in Restaurants and Cafes – Panevivo Podgorica, Real Estate Management – Azmont Investments Herceg Novi, Real Estate Agencies – CMM Budva, Auditing and Accounting – Ekonomik Accountants Podgorica, Construction – BEMAX Podgorica, Food and beverages – Meso-Promet Bijelo Polje, Other production and processing – Gradir Montenegro Pljevlja, Telecommunications – MTEL Podgorica, Trade in IT equipment – Comtrade Distribution Podgorica, IT services – Kodio Podgorica, Oil and derivatives – Jugopetrol Podgorica, Pharmacy – Glosarij Podgorica, Medical services – Moj Lab Podgorica. Voli Trade received the award for the largest employer, while the first-ranked newly founded company is Epam Systems Montenegro from Podgorica.

The surprise guest at the ceremony was Radoje Cerović, psychologist and business consultant, who gave a motivational speech “How to grow roses in a place where brambles usually sprout”.

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